xcerdisp-1.13pre2.tar.gz 26 Aug 2003 20.3k
xcerdisp-1.13pre.tar.gz 25 Aug 2003 19.8k
NOTES-Xcerdisp 5 May 2003 5.4k
xcerdisp.gif 1 Nov 2001 16.3k


After getting my PocketPC, and installing Microsoft's Remote Display Control PowerToy (cerdisp) I wondered if I could access the PocketPC data from my unix workstation.

I almost immediately found the SynCE project, and using their guide on getting the WinCE device connected via PPP, I used a combination of tcpdump and netcat to reverse engineer the data stream coming from cerdisp, and wrote a small X client that displays and controls it.

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This software has been placed in the public domain.